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Not having enough equity can be a barrier when looking forward to selling your property. This is due to the fact that in traditional real estate sales, the seller is the one that pays for most of the costs for the transaction. Some of the common costs associated with the sale can be real estate commissions for the buyer & seller agents, escrow fees, title insurance, real estate taxes, and usual fees for the buyer’s latest loan.

Countless sellers find themself in a position where they have been trying to sell their home; however, they do not have the success they thought they would have in today’s market. On the other hand, there are plenty of legal ways where the seller and buyer can agree to achieve a win-win solution to get a property sold.

When sellers are educated in all of their options, they may start to consider the option of selling their home subject to an existing mortgage transaction. A reason to take this decision is that a home sold off the seller’s hands could be done in a more quickly and affordable manner.

Sell Your House Even With An Existing Mortgage

Selling a property subject to an existing mortgage means that the existing one is not being paid off. It remains in the palace, and the buyer takes care of the necessary payments, and the deed is automatically transferred to the buyer.

Nevertheless, home sales are becoming more tedious, and homeowners need to sell their houses for less. It is also hard to find good buyers, and the ones that make offers usually are not able to complete the purchase since they face difficulties lending criteria.

Now when the buyer of the property takes charge of the house's title, the seller retains the mortgage itself, which is when the subject-to comes in. At Freedom Cash Offer, we make the current mortgage clearance directly to the lender along with a professional escrow agent. There is also no legal transfer of the mortgage from the original owner's name into the new one.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Selling Without Making Any Payments

When you sell your house with a subject-to existing mortgage to us, you can begin to enjoy all the benefits, including a fast sale, no need for an appraisal, no fees, no commissions, no repairs.

Additionally, there are no closing costs because there is no transfer of mortgage holders, resulting in saving plenty of money for the home sellers. Also, closing subject-to existing financing is faster, which is great for homeowners who have had a hard time selling their homes.

At Freedom Cash Offer, we have a solution for plenty of situations. We will take care of all the payments, and we will buy your property in its current condition. If you don’t have enough equity to afford to pay for the high costs of selling, we are more than willing to assist you in the process by making you a fair offer and covering all the closing costs for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we definitely can help you!

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