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In Arizona, selling your house is very simple when you decide to work with us. We are not here to list your home; we will indeed make you a fair all-cash offer once we have reviewed your property. We close once you accept the offer on your schedule.

Our process is very effective and straightforward, and you won't face any complications or setbacks. You will surely have one less issue to be preoccupied about. As a trusted house buying company, we ensure that we have what it takes to guide you through the right process. You will unquestionably have a fantastic experience without stress, frustration, or tension about finding the right buyer for your home.

Moreover, we are aware of the challenges when it comes to selling a property. Whether it is closing costs, agent fees, transfer tax, paperwork, moving expenses, and many more issues like those. It can also seem like the hassle will never finish. That is why our company provides a solution for this problem by buying your home fast.

In Arizona, selling your home with us is unquestionably very simple and fast. At Freedom Cash Offer, we want to make an easy process for you to sell your home with our help. With our 3 steps process, we can completely guarantee that selling your home with us will be a stress-free experience!

Here is how our process works:


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When you feel ready to sell your home, get in touch with us. You can fill out our form or give us a call directly at 480-771-1559. We will ask you to submit some basic information such as your full name, property address, and phone number to proceed with the offer.

Get a fair offer.

Once we have finished processing the information you provide us, we will review your property. We can meet at your house or send us pictures of the inside and outside. With that being said, we will proceed to make you a fair offer. Based on the details you sent us, we calculate the accurate offer price. Keep in mind that this is a no-obligation offer. If you agree, we continue with the following step.

We can close on your schedule!

If you decide to accept the offer for your home, we can close on the date you decide. Feel free to move on your time. You are the one who has absolute power and control over when to sell your property to us. It doesn't matter if you want to close in two weeks or a month, we can accommodate ourselves. Whenever you feel ready to sell, we will proceed and close.

Get an offer today! It is truly a simple 3 step process. Once you have successfully submitted the home’s information that you want to sell, we take a look & proceed to make you a fair offer. Finally, you even get to close on the date of your choosing. What a fantastic and easy way to start selling your house!

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Give us a call today at 480-771-1559, or get in touch with us to begin with the selling process by filling out our form.

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